Carmel Electric Ensemble continues to rehearse for next concert

Kiersten Riedford

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The Carmel Electric Ensemble is currently undecided about the next upcoming rehearsal. The expectation is for the meeting to be held in one of the upcoming weeks.

Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, the club’s sponsor and head of the orchestra department, said their last concert was “one of the smoothest concerts ever” and that the ensemble plans to continue meeting up until a future concert.

“[The concert] will always be the week of the actual orchestra concert, I’m thinking the day of the winter concert,” Jiwon Yu, club president and junior, said.

Ohly-Davis said the group has been striving to meet more often this year than last year. Both Yu and Ohly-Davis agreed on the fact that the ensemble has been improving immensely.

Leading up to the concert in the winter, the group will be working hard at perfecting their new pieces, one being “City of Stars” from the film “La La Land.”

The perfecting of these songs and the students’ normal workloads from their orchestra classes tends to lead to stress build-up, but Ohly-Davis said she wishes for the opposite to be brought up in the club.

“I would hope that enjoyment comes first, we are so serious around here in every single class, even if it’s not audition classes,” Ohly-Davis said.

Yu said, “A lot of us are juniors so we struggle to bring everyone in, also the seniors because they’re doing college applications. And sometimes its hard to practice this kind of music because we have other music, so it can be kind of hard to sit for 30 minutes and play.” Despite the difficulties, however, Yu and Ohly-Davis have high hopes for the club to continue thriving. 

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