Economics Club Participants preparing for the annual national competition in May

Daniel Kim

Economics club is veered toward the National Economics Challenge. To get to this last stage, they must get through the Regional and State competitions. “It takes months to prepare,” said Matthew Daly, Economics Club participant and sophomore. “For us to win the competition we must know and apply our knowledge to different situations and do it at a fast enough pace.”

Economics club has their first competition in March at IUPUI, leaving them four months to prepare, give or take. “We are basically a group of people, we get together, to prepare for the national competition,” said club sponsor Michelle Foutz.

“During meetings we discuss upcoming plans, the competition, work on practice questions, and work on buzzer rounds,” said Foutz when asked on how she prepared students for the upcoming competitions. ”But many people do it on their own, I give them tests and they turn them into me.”

“Last year the National Economics Challenge was held in New York City,” said Daly. “Only little more than (a) hundred students qualified for Nationals after beating hundreds of other high schools in the US.” By Daniel Kim