Economics Clubs members are defeated at semifinals

Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and Economics teacher, sits at her desk looking at emails. She said she is looking forward to next year’s Economics Challenge competition.

Daniel Kim

April 20, 2019

CHS’s Economics Club members proceeded to the semifinals on April 17. The team previously won in both the David Ricardo and Adam Smith divisions, leaving Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and economics teacher, to pick four students from each division to compete in the semifinals. However, they did not...

Economics Club members traveling for competitions

Economics Club members traveling for competitions

Daniel Kim

April 8, 2019

Every year Economics Club members travel to various locations to compete. This year, members will travel to IUPUI to compete with other high schools, as they did last year. This year, if Economics Club members surpass regionals, they will proceed to the state competition on April 11 held in Indianapo...

Economics Club weeks away from competition

Daniel Kim

March 1, 2019

The first Economics Club competition is being held at IUPUI this March and students are preparing with Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and economics teacher. Ever since their first callout meeting in November, the two divisions, David Ricardo and the Adam Smith, have been preparing for the last five months and...

Economics Club focuses on spring event and growth

January 25, 2019

The competition is less than 2 months away and students are preparing everyday. “Economics club has impacted the people I’ve seen in a good way,” Matthew Daly, sophomore and Economics Club member, said. “As more and more people join every year the impact it has on students grows with it eac...

Economics Club members feeling confident for Spring Competition

Daniel Kim

November 30, 2018

The Economics Challenge is “an opportunity for teams of four high school students to demonstrate their knowledge on a board array of economics topics and subjects,” said the Economics flyer provided by Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and economics teacher. Last year’s Economics Club members in the...

Economics Club Participants preparing for the annual national competition in May

Daniel Kim

November 12, 2018

Economics club is veered toward the National Economics Challenge. To get to this last stage, they must get through the Regional and State competitions. “It takes months to prepare,” said Matthew Daly, Economics Club participant and sophomore. “For us to win the competition we must know and app...

Economics Club prepares for competition in spring

Daniel Kim

November 3, 2018

 The first competitions for Economics Club take place shortly after the end of winter. It’s been nearly a month since the club’s callout meeting, and they have five more months to prepare for it. Economics Club does not consist of one competition but many; Regional, State, and National competitions...