Economics Club focuses on spring event and growth

The competition is less than 2 months away and students are preparing everyday. “Economics club has impacted the people I’ve seen in a good way,” Matthew Daly, sophomore and Economics Club member, said.

“As more and more people join every year the impact it has on students grows with it each times,” club sponsor Michelle Foutz said. Foutz has been the Economics Club Sponsor since the club began, experiencing every moment, every win, and lesson.

“The competition, friends, and excitement are what make students join. Winning the whole competition is like the cherry on top,” Daly said. The Adam Smith division has placed first in state 16 times and won the Nationals 3 times so far. “I feel confident with that in mind,” Daly said.

The competition is held in Spring at IUPUI campus bringing in multiple High Schools to compete.