Economics Club weeks away from competition

Daniel Kim

The first Economics Club competition is being held at IUPUI this March and students are preparing with Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and economics teacher. Ever since their first callout meeting in November, the two divisions, David Ricardo and the Adam Smith, have been preparing for the last five months and they have performed well nearly every year. “Every year, I know we have the potential,” Foutz said.

“I am studying for our upcoming competition and I must work hard to do well,” Matthew Daly, sophomore and Economics Club member, said. Economics club members consist of all grade levels; anyone can participate if they know the macro- or microeconomics material.

“Every year we have more freshmen and sophomores who self-study in order to compete,” Foutz said. The club is open to all grade levels.

“I see some freshmen and other sophomores who are very smart and know economics very well,” Daly said. “I’d say they would do well in the competition regardless of their grade level.” By Daniel Kim