Economics Club members feeling confident for Spring Competition

Daniel Kim

The Economics Challenge is “an opportunity for teams of four high school students to demonstrate their knowledge on a board array of economics topics and subjects,” said the Economics flyer provided by Michelle Foutz, club sponsor and economics teacher.

Last year’s Economics Club members in the Adam Smith division placed first in the state and 6th in the nation. “Based on last years results I feel confident about this year’s competition,” Matthew Daly, Economics Club member and sophomore, said. Between 2001 and 2018 the Adam Smith division has placed first in state 16 times and has won the National Competition three times.

“Typically the students that have taken microeconomics and macroeconomics spend less time than students who are self studying economics,” Foutz said when asked about how study sessions were organized. Most students who self study are usually freshmen and sophomores studying to get a headstart in Economics while juniors and seniors can take the class at school.

Foutz also said, “I’ve seen an increased amount of enthusiasm for learning and studying Economics, I have more am more self studying students each year.” By Daniel Kim