Economics Club prepares for competition in spring

Daniel Kim

 The first competitions for Economics Club take place shortly after the end of winter. It’s been nearly a month since the club’s callout meeting, and they have five more months to prepare for it. Economics Club does not consist of one competition but many; Regional, State, and National competitions are held between March and May.

Matthew Daly, Economics Club participant and sophomore said, “The first competition is in the spring and it’s at the IUPUI Campus.”

Club sponsor Michelle Foutz said that two groups were competing in two different divisions, the David Ricardo Division and the Adam Smith’s division.

“Individuals that have taken AP Economics participate in the Adam Smith Division while David Ricardo participants are those who have not competed in a prior year or who have not taken AP Economics,” says Daly.

Matthew also said, to those who are not familiar with economics, that, “The competition is over macroeconomics and microeconomics as well as the Federal Reserve. Macroeconomics [is] over government and country decisions, while microeconomics is more focused on decisions made by us, or businesses.” By Daniel Kim