Fall play right around the corner

Aniket Biswal

The fall production, The Sparrow, is about to premiere next week at the high school auditorium. It showcases on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of next week. Right now, the theater group is putting the final touches on their production and they are getting ready to perform at the big stage.

Allie Crawford, the director of Studio One Acts and an actor in The Sparrow, said that she enjoys their regular meetings where they play theater games, improve their oral skills, and plan on advocating for their plays. She also is the president of the Rising Stars Drama Club where students who are interested in acting and performing can enhance their skills and audition for productions.

Maggie Cassidy, the director of this production, talked about the commitment of being part of the play. She said that there are rehearsals four times a week for the first few weeks after the auditions and then they ramp up the practice for the two weeks before the production is set to play. Right now, they are rehearsing five times a week and will have a dress rehearsal this Saturday. With all the hard work, the theater group is anxious to make a great impression next week.