Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet Nov. 28

Kiersten Riedford

Jiwon Yu, president of the Carmel Electric Ensemble and junior, said the club will be meeting on Nov. 28.

Regarding the rehearsal, the club will be focusing on the new music handed out at the last meeting.

Yu said, “(We will be) polishing the music, I think we still need to get the notes right and speeding up until it hits performance level.”

The group had been holding off on rehearsals since the fall concert but will be starting to meeting more often after the upcoming rehearsal. Leading up to the winter concert, taking place on Dec. 13, the group will be working to improve their skills in the ensemble as a group rather than as individuals.

“This year we have a group of freshmen to seniors, I like the variety that is going on, it allows everyone to relate to each other,” Yu said. “I want to remember the memories of rehearsing the music with everyone and getting to know each other more just by listening to other sections.”

Along with the students blending in the music aspect, the leadership and investment of the students is a large factor of the success of the club this year in comparison to previous years.

Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said, “I think there are some really invested students who want to put this experience on their resume and I think that motivation has helped the group be much more active than it has been in the past.”

Both Yu and Ohly-Davis said that when looking back on the semester, leadership and teamwork have driven the club to do well this year.

Ohly-Davis said, “It’s been overall a great semester so far, the teamwork and the comradery that I’ve seen jumping up from working together is great.”