Orchestras practicing for winter concert, recordings


Chloe Chui, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, unlocks her violin locker. After going through her pieces in class, Chui said she wanted to take her instrument home for more practice for the upcoming concert. “We’ve been working hard on our pieces, and I really hope it turns out well,” Chui said.

Wendy Zhu

The CHS orchestras will have their winter concert on Dec. 13 in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. All orchestras will be performing at this concert, and according to director of orchestras Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, the winter concert, like the fall concert, will be split into two parts.

“(We’re having) the same kind of double-concert format,” Ohly-Davis said. “We’re going to have a concert at 6, and it’ll be the two freshman orchestras, Sinfonia and Festival. (There’s) a very quick turnaround; we’re going to have Philharmonic and Symphony play at 7:30.”

Chloe Chui, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, said that she has been practicing hard for the concert. “Recently, I’ve been preparing for our upcoming playing tests and just the concert in general,” Chui said. “The pieces are definitely not easy, but I think that we just have to stay really focused during class and during our rehearsals.”

Ohly-Davis also said that the Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras have been preparing for a recording project this semester that will be recorded the week of the winter concert. “For Symphony, we will be doing an official recording session on Tuesday evening. We’ll be out on stage, and the recording engineer that we hired is going to be here with his whole setup ready to go. On Wednesday, Philharmonic’s going to do their official recording session.” By Wendy Zhu