Let’s Talk Club restarting next year

Karolena Zhou

The Let’s Talk Club has been taking a break as the officers are busy. The club will start up again next year. Deciding that it would be better for people to come after school rather than in the mornings on Late Start, the officers have decided to have the club meeting after school on Wednesdays.

Selin Oh, the founder and student leader of the Let’s Talk Club, said, “The late start days didn’t work because people are doing their own thing or they don’t want to wake up really early, so we are trying to see if we can do it after school instead. I know we will lose some people because everyone is busy after school. I think the number of people who can come after school is larger than the number of people who can come during late start mornings.”

The Let’s Talk Club is a very interactive club where students can communicate with each other. They can speak their opinions on the topic at hand. This will help them become more social and able to take to others easier.

“It is a worthwhile activity. I know that teens do struggle with face-to-face interaction.” Terri Ramos, the sponsor of the Let’s Talk Club, said.

After taking a break, the Let’s Talk Club will restart next year. So far, there still has not been a date for the next club meeting. It is still undecided by the officers.  By Karolena Zhou