Academic Super Bowl prepares for their upcoming competition

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl plans to meet on Jan. 15 in Room E225 to discuss each subject team’s progress for the upcoming competition. Members should bring their subject materials, and captains should bring their team’s practice schedule.

According to James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor and social studies teacher, the competition season is in full swing.

Ziegler said, “The second semester is our busy time. Members should expect longer practices and a larger time commitment. However, this is also the fun part of our season. The teams start to bond and the community feel sets in.”

Alyssa Smith, Academic Super Bowl member and junior, said she believes that the club in a good shape for the competition.

Smith said, “I feel prepared. We have a lot to do, but we also have the drive to make it happen. I think we have a good chance this year.” By Cadence Armstrong