Cafeteria offers more options second semester, asks for additional feedback

Andrew Caito

In the new year, the cafeteria has started selling new items. The main differences to the lunch items from last semester are the Cuban sandwich and an extra day of French toast on the three-week cycle.

“I was excited for the Cuban sandwich and after yesterday, it really turned out pretty good,” Main Cafeteria manager Holly Huepenbecker-Hull said.

With pork as the main part, many kids around the school tried it. “It was something I hadn’t had before, and it was honestly pretty good,” freshman Luke Heisler said. The Cuban sandwich expected to be on the menu for the reminder of the school year.

Although she is appreciative of the feedback on the new items, Huepenbecker-Hull said, “I would love more student feedback on the food options or even the snack options. I really want to know more of what the students think on our options we provide.”

According to Huepenbecker-Hull, the cafeteria staff’s main goal is to serve the best food while keeping it healthy and helpful for the students. However, she said they would love more feedback from the students, whether that coming up to them in the lunch line or shooting them in email. “It all helps,” she said. By Andrew Caito