Global Giving to host call-out meeting Jan. 28

Bianca Templeton

Global Giving will host its first meeting on Jan. 28. The call-out will take place in room H208. Facing inadequate funds, the club plans to set forth efforts to ensure this spring’s dance competition.

Primarily, the possibility of the competition occurring depends on the club’s budget. In 2018, club members raised $100 towards their goal of $1000, which will go to Doctors Without Borders. 

Club sponsor Ryan Ringenberg said, “A lot of the money comes from that competition. This year, it’s been a little slower than past years, I think. I don’t know if it’s just too much on the plate for some of the people involved in the club…”

Club president and senior Jocelyn Shan said, “Comparatively to the previous years, we have a lot fewer funds. Right now, we are trying to figure out what just sticks. Planning wise, this year, it’s been a little more difficult to see if it can actually happen.”

With spring months away, Shan said, “In general, let’s hope it does happen… because last semester we did not get as money as we had planned for.” She said it was not something she anticipated and that they are trying to deal with now.  By Bianca Templeton