Running the Show: Studio One Acts student directors elaborate on creative liberties while producing show

(RIGHT) Delaney Kibler, Studio One Acts student director and senior, reads through a script during rehearsal after school. Kibler said her role as a director is to cast actors, create props and costumes and to design the set 
for each one-act show.

Bianca Templeton

September 20, 2019

*Note: the HiLite apologizes for a mistake in the print issue: all of the one-act plays will be performed each night, not a different one each night. Students involved in Studio One Acts are in the process of rehearsing four separate one-act plays to perform on Oct. 5, 6 and 7. Students will perfor...

Gay-Straight Alliance to meet on May 16

Bianca Templeton

May 15, 2019

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) will meet on May 16 after school in B206. For the remainder of the semester, plans for future meeting are unannounced as finals are approaching. Often at GSA meetings, “a lot of people share their personal experiences” Yasmine Pehlivan, club president and junior, s...

Gay Straight Alliance to meet in April

Bianca Templeton

March 26, 2019

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has a meeting scheduled for April. There is no exact date for the meeting as plans are still underway. The club plans on participating in GLSEN Day of Silence on April 12. To spread LGBT awareness, Yasmine Pehlivan, club president and junior, said people have to realize...

Global Giving to not operate for remainder of school year

Bianca Templeton

March 5, 2019

Global Giving will not host its annual dance competition due to insufficient funds. Club members will not host further club meetings because of this cancellation. Club sponsor Ryan Ringenberg said, “The impression is that (the club) will not be active this semester.” He said the club has cancel...

Global Giving to host call-out meeting Jan. 28

Bianca Templeton

January 22, 2019

Global Giving will host its first meeting on Jan. 28. The call-out will take place in room H208. Facing inadequate funds, the club plans to set forth efforts to ensure this spring’s dance competition. Primarily, the possibility of the competition occurring depends on the club’s budget. In 2018, ...

Global Giving to have first meeting in February

Bianca Templeton

December 4, 2018

Global Giving will have its first meeting in February during second semester. There is no exact date for when as its club officers and sponsors are still trying to arrange times. The meeting will begin work to prepare for 2019’s ND Battle. Jocelyn Shan said via email the club also needs to take...