Gay-Straight Alliance to meet on May 16

Bianca Templeton

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) will meet on May 16 after school in B206. For the remainder of the semester, plans for future meeting are unannounced as finals are approaching.

Often at GSA meetings, “a lot of people share their personal experiences” Yasmine Pehlivan, club president and junior, said. “I think it’s nice that you can trust others (GSA members) and talk about this stuff in the club even though we don’t all know each other that well.”

On the discussion of personal experiences in GSA meetings, club sponsor Jeremy Horner said, “That’s been a frequent discussion point and, I would say, that its one generally every year. It is a repeat topic of conversation.” He said, “In the past, from a teacher perspective, when I had to do staff conversations or outreach programs, I’ll talk to staff members about that component specifically… and like what do you do from the teacher side of things if a student were to come out … Because people don’t think through how to handle that situation.”

As for GSA meetings occurring next school year, Horner said “In the fall, it’s always busier with more people because it’s a fresh start to the year.”  By Bianca Templeton