Gay-Straight Alliance to host call-out meeting on September 4

Yasmine Pehlivan, GSA club president and senior, talks to a friend in the Commons. She said that her goal is to help people feel safe at school and continue to have discussions on LGBT issues.

Bianca Templeton

September 2, 2019

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) will meet next week on September 4 in B206. This meeting will mark the club’s first meeting of the school year. Club president and senior Yasmine Pehlivan said that “introductions for the first meeting” will take place. For the school year, she said, “We could be...

Gay-Straight Alliance to meet on May 16

Bianca Templeton

May 15, 2019

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) will meet on May 16 after school in B206. For the remainder of the semester, plans for future meeting are unannounced as finals are approaching. Often at GSA meetings, “a lot of people share their personal experiences” Yasmine Pehlivan, club president and junior, s...

Gay Straight Alliance to meet in April

Bianca Templeton

March 26, 2019

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) has a meeting scheduled for April. There is no exact date for the meeting as plans are still underway. The club plans on participating in GLSEN Day of Silence on April 12. To spread LGBT awareness, Yasmine Pehlivan, club president and junior, said people have to realize...

Junior Yasmine Pehlivan

Junior Yasmine Pehlivan

Tessa Collinson

March 22, 2019

“(I have certain pins on my backpack showing LGBTQ+ support because) I am president of the GSA, and also because I use (these pins) as a way for people to know who I am. It’s a way to express myself, and so people know that this is me. I want to be a safe person, I’m pretty open-minded. (These pins...

No Weigh To Live: Anorexia has highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses; CHS students struggle to combat its effects

No Weigh To Live: Anorexia has highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses; CHS students struggle to combat its effects

Anushka Dasgupta

January 24, 2019

Junior Sara Stockholm knew something was seriously wrong the second she stood up and felt like she was about to faint. It was the end of her freshman year, and she hadn’t exercised or worked out at all during the day. Instead, she knew she had another, much more serious and deep-rooted problem. Fo...

Extended Culture: Students, teachers consider impacts of having extended family live far away, cultural benefits that come along

Junior Yasmine Pehlivan poses with her sister at home. She says seeing her sister during the holidays is a rare opportunity so she makes sure to use her time most efficiently.

Grace Xu

December 13, 2018

This winter break, junior Maria “Mars” Stefanidou will be visiting her relatives for the holidays. However, for Stefanidou, it won’t be the run-of-the-mill driving to grandma’s house type of visit—instead, she’ll be flying all the way to Greece. “We’re going to be going (to Greece and...