The math department prepares for ISTEP testing, adjusts schedule for snow days


Joey Herons, Math club president and senior, works at his desk in independent study math. He said that he is excited for the new courses.

Brian Zhang

The math department is now preparing to administer the ISTEP exam, according to math department chairperson Jacinda Sohalski. Sohalski said that preparation for ISTEP exam is a big undertaking, as it tests so many students.

Sohalski also said that the math department is currently adjusting schedules.

“Obviously with all the snow days, our teachers are busy adjusting schedules right now,” said Sohalski. “That will be a big thing this week, just getting our schedules readjusted so we can get in all the material we need.”

Joey Herons, Math Club president and junior, said he is optimistic for the upcoming school year. “I think the math department was very good last semester, and I believe they will be better in this semester,” Herons said.