Big Game Club selling merchandise at Warren Central for breast cancer night


Senior Kate Donovan reviews plans for the fundraiser while sharing her ideas with fellow club members. “People should show up and support breast cancer patients and the basketball team on Feb. 15,” Donovan said.

Robbie Ge

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that club members will sell shirts at the Warren Central game on Feb. 15 in support of breast cancer awareness.

            “We’re doing a breast cancer night for the Warren Central game. I have T-Shirts being made that will be sold for $10 a shirt,” Pearson said.

            Senior Kate Donovan says that donations, a large part of the fundraiser, will be simple to make and helpful to the cause.

            “Show up to the game and donate. We’ll have buckets around that people can put their donations in. We’re trying to streamline the process as much as possible,” Donovan said.

            Donovan also notes that the event is a good opportunity to learn more about the problem and assist those in need.

“What motivated me was that my good friend’s mom got diagnosed with breast cancer and one of his teacher’s friends as well. We’re basically raising money at the game and selling T-Shirts to support a good cause,” Donovan said. By Robbie Ge