After Indianapolis designated one of most wasteful American cities, Carmel community works to spread awareness, defy stereotype

After Indianapolis designated one of most wasteful American  cities, Carmel community works to spread awareness, defy stereotype

Sowmya Chundi

October 24, 2019

In his free time, sophomore Ethan Stoehr is an avid recycler and plastic collecter. In his room, Stoehr has bins full of plastic waste spanning from salad forks to shampoo bottles. He said that by creating a “plastic stockpile,” he’ll try and convince his mom to stop buying plastics once she ...

Big Game Club prepares for tailgates during basketball season

Erin Modisett, sponsor of Big Game Club, thinks about ways to promote Big Game Club. “We have a lot of social media accounts. If students are interested, they should try talking to myself of Mr. Cluver or search up Greyhound Nation on Twitter,” Modisett said.

Robbie Ge

October 8, 2019

Big Game Club Sponsor Erin Modisett has announced that Big Game Club is planning tailgates for the upcoming basketball season. Specifically, the club is working on encouraging more students to come to sports games. “We have a couple tailgates planned for the basketball season and are working on ...

Chick-fil-Nay?: Students say Christian company should be more transparent with its business practices, values

Sophomore Anna Thompson eats at a local Chick-fil-A. Thompson said that while the boycotting the company sends a message, she feels that it is not on a large enough scale to be effective.

Angela Qian

May 23, 2019

A few months ago, freshman Daniel Tanner started to boycott Chick-fil-A. “There had been a lot of news about how they treated their employees, little rumors and stuff, and then them being a big Christian company, obviously the connotation to some people of that is negative,” Tanner said. “Some ...

Big Game Club will cheer on CHS baseball athletes

Senior Kate Donovan writes down some plans for next year’s officers and events for future games. “The club’s been getting more and more members lately, and everyone’s been doing their best to support our athletes,” Donovan said.

Robbie Ge

May 18, 2019

 Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that club members plan to cheer for CHS baseball members in their upcoming games this spring season.             “We’re going to go to a few baseball games. Track meets are also in our plans too. Anyone who wants to help support their fellow stu...

Viral Effects: Students who went viral on social media learn to deal with positive, negative feedback

Senior Brandon “Bino” Sandy watches a TikTok he and his friends filmed. His video  received 459,100 “hearts” and 8.7 million views on Twitter.

Calina He

April 19, 2019

“Going viral” was something senior Brandon Sandy and his friends never expected. However, after creating a TikTok-a short music video-in mid-February, Sandy noticed a countless number of notifications on his phone. The video, which shows Sandy and his friends dancing to a song, reached over 100,...

Q&A with Katerina Folkin, rhythmic gymnast and freshman

Katerina Folkin creates a pattern with her ribbon at practice.

March 22, 2019

What's your favorite part about rhythmic gymnastics? My favorite part is probably the beauty of the sport because it’s something you don’t see everyday, especially here in Indiana. We’re the only club here, so it’s just really beautiful, and I love working with apparatus and being able to work wi...

Big Game Club will support basketball players at the Friday Sectional game

Senior Christian Chacko (right) goes over some planned activities for the game with his fellow club members. “Show out at the game on Friday versus Fishers,” Chacko said.

Robbie Ge

February 27, 2019

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that club members plan to cheer for CHS basketball players during the Sectional game on Friday.             “Sectionals boys’ basketball is coming up. We’re going to cheer as loud as we can to help our boys get back to the championshi...

Follow the signs: CHS students use ASL beyond classroom in sports

Senior Taylor Gallagher signed to the girls on the deaf cheer team that she coaches to smile. Gallagher said learning ASL at the school has helped her communicate with her team, although it is still not always easy.

Olivia Childress

February 22, 2019

Senior Taylor Gallagher saw herself in the cheerleaders as they flipped through the air. Having cheered for seven years, she knew what was required from an assistant coach. But as familiar as she was with the sport, there was one large difference between her past experiences with cheer and the one th...