Q&A with Katerina Folkin, rhythmic gymnast and freshman


Veronica Teeter

Katerina Folkin creates a pattern with her ribbon at practice.

What’s your favorite part about rhythmic gymnastics?

My favorite part is probably the beauty of the sport because it’s something you don’t see everyday, especially here in Indiana. We’re the only club here, so it’s just really beautiful, and I love working with apparatus and being able to work with it.

Veronica Teeter
Katerina Folkin does a flip while twirling a ribbon.

What’s your favorite apparatus?

My favorite is probably ribbon. Rhythmic gymnastics, mainly when people think of it, it is ribbon, and ribbon’s just really beautiful, and you can do a lot of different things with it. There’s endless amounts of masteries and tricks you can do, and you can learn something new every day with it, and it’s just really beautiful.

What got you into rhythmic gymnastics?

I used to do artistic gymnastics, and I didn’t really go far with that. My mom took me to rhythmic gymnastics, and it was a lot different but I definitely fell in love with it. It’s something like a mix of dance and gymnastics, and since I liked a little bit of both of that, that’s why I got into it.

How long have you been doing it?

I’ve been doing it for six years. I started (artistic gymnastics) when I was 2, and I learned how to do a cartwheel. Because I was in the recreational group, and they never really pushed you. I didn’t go (really) far with that.

How often do you practice?

During competition season, we practice three or four times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and now Saturday. Competition season usually lasts from January to May, but this year I finished early since it’s my last year.

Veronica Teeter
Sophia Gilliam, Folkin’s teammate and freshman, balances her in the middle of a skill.

How would you describe team culture?

We’re really close. Especially the upper levels, we’re like best friends, and we hang out as often as possible, (and) talk during practice even though (we’re) not supposed to. We’re just like family, pretty much, and we know each other inside out, and anytime there is a problem or something we’re always there to step up and help someone out.