Big Game Club will support basketball players at the Friday Sectional game


Senior Christian Chacko (right) goes over some planned activities for the game with his fellow club members. “Show out at the game on Friday versus Fishers,” Chacko said.

Robbie Ge

Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that club members plan to cheer for CHS basketball players during the Sectional game on Friday.

            “Sectionals boys’ basketball is coming up. We’re going to cheer as loud as we can to help our boys get back to the championship and hopefully get blue rings on their fingers,” Pearson said.

            Pearson also noted that people who are not Big Game Club members are still welcome to join them in supporting the CHS team.

            “We need all the students to come out and support the team. It’s tournament time and that means it’s Hoosier hysteria,” Pearson said.

            Senior Christian Chacko says that going to Big Game Club is a great way for students to get involved in sports.

            “It’s a great way to connect students to the sports programs we have and will make the overall experience at sports games better,” Chacko said.

            Chacko also notes that it is never too late for aspiring members to join.

“I think that anyone can be a part of it and the more people the better student section we have,” Chacko said. By Robbie Ge