Big Game Club will cheer on CHS baseball athletes


Senior Kate Donovan writes down some plans for next year’s officers and events for future games. “The club’s been getting more and more members lately, and everyone’s been doing their best to support our athletes,” Donovan said.

Robbie Ge

 Brad Pearson, sponsor of Big Game Club, has announced that club members plan to cheer for CHS baseball members in their upcoming games this spring season.

            “We’re going to go to a few baseball games. Track meets are also in our plans too. Anyone who wants to help support their fellow student athletes should come,” Pearson said.

            Pearson also says that students who are interested in joining the club are welcome to come to games and support the club in cheering CHS athletes.

            “Even if this is your first time going to a sporting event, it’s a good experience to get to know some other people, support our athletes, and have some fun. It is an opportunity to help develop the CHS community,” Pearson said.

            Senior Kate Donovan says that the club has been preparing the next school year by recruiting new members and deciding officer positions for next year.

            “The more people that can join, the better. We’re also in the process of deciding who our club leaders will be next year,” Donovan said. By Robbie Ge