Big Game Club prepares for tailgates during basketball season


Erin Modisett, sponsor of Big Game Club, thinks about ways to promote Big Game Club. “We have a lot of social media accounts. If students are interested, they should try talking to myself of Mr. Cluver or search up Greyhound Nation on Twitter,” Modisett said.

Robbie Ge

Big Game Club Sponsor Erin Modisett has announced that Big Game Club is planning tailgates for the upcoming basketball season. Specifically, the club is working on encouraging more students to come to sports games.

“We have a couple tailgates planned for the basketball season and are working on the themes for each game. We’re looking into some fundraisers and continuing to try to get everyone to attend games and events as much as possible.” Modisett said.

Modisett said that the club has seen some improvement from last year, notably in the number of students involved in the club.

“The members are doing great this year in supporting teams and events. We now have a council of younger students who help promote and establish the club’s future direction,” Modisett said.

Members of the club encourage students to go to upcoming games and prepare for the winter season.

“The soccer teams have their first games this week, so we are really trying to make these home events big as the season starts up. Winter is also starting to creep up on us as basketball and hockey come into full swing,” senior Breanna Bolles said.