Coquettes team finalizes choreography for Dance Marathon


Juniors and dancers Lexi Dungey (left) and Maddy Massa (right) have lunch together as team members. The girls try to balance school, dance and socialization. “I use the time I have to get things done and bond with my teammates, who quickly become close friends,” Massa said.

Hannah Gretz

At this school’s Dance Marathon annual event, the coquettes dance team performs for students participating. On Feb. 23, the team will be hitting the ‘stage’ once again.
“They have to be able to perform turns, leaps, and kicks,” Head coach Sarah Wolff said. “The performance has to be clean and sharp.”
Wolff coaches both charisma and coquettes at this school.
While the team practices several times a week, they have yet to pick this year’s music to accompany the dance.
“This season is so good and it’s going well,” dance team member and junior Maddy Massa said. “I am super excited for Dance Marathon, we have yet to pick the music, though.”
The 2018-2019 season marks Massa’s third year as a coquettes team member.
Junior Kendall Greene is a third year member as well, dancing alongside Massa at each home game performance.
“I am super excited (for performances), I can’t wait to show all of our hard work,” Greene said.
As the season winds down, the team can be seen performing once again on Feb. 23.  By Hannah Gretz