Do Something Club to meet on Feb. 19 to plan upcoming fundraisers


Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler writes an email to the club with details regarding the club’s upcoming meeting. According to Ziegler, the club is currently planning their food drive for the SENSE Charter School as well as their visit to the Summer Trace Nursing Home.

Angela Li

Do Something Club will meet after school on Feb. 19 to plan their upcoming fundraisers, according to Do Something Club sponsor James Ziegler. Ziegler said this month, the club will be conducting another food drive for the SENSE Charter School in Indianapolis.

“This will be going to supporting their backpack program. The reason we’re partnering with that school is that well over 90 percent of their population lives below the poverty line and is on free and reduced lunch, and Gleaners Food Bank had drastically cut their food donations to their Weekend Backpack Program, which a lot of these students depend upon to get food for the weekends when they’re not at school.”

In addition to this, Samantha Kadinger, Do Something Club member and senior, said the club will be planning for their trip to the Summer Trace Nursing Home.

“We are planning to meet with some residents at the nursing home. For them, we are just trying to cheer them up and play some games with them,” Kadinger said.

Ziegler said through these events, the club hopes to have a positive effect on the community and benefit those in need.

“The canned food drive is to support another school in need, especially since our club is a community service club and we always want to help those who are less fortunate than us. We figured that SENSE Charter School, again, having such a large percentage of kids that are living in poverty and really depend on the backpack program for adequate meals over the weekends, we never want to see anyone in need, let alone kids, so this is a very easy way we can pool our resources and provide support and something that aligns with the goals and mission of our club,” Ziegler said. “As far as the trip to the nursing home, again, part of our mission is community service. We often find that a lot of times the people living in nursing homes don’t get visitors regularly. Even if their families are close by, not a lot of them have regular visitors, and so we want the people living at the nursing homes to recognize that there are the people in the community who care about them as well beyond just family members, and just bring some energy and life into those facilities.”