The Carmel Electric Ensemble has a rehearsal date set for Feb. 22 in SRT

Kiersten Riedford

The Carmel Electric Ensemble will meet during SRT on Feb. 22.

Jiwon Yu, club president and junior, said, “There has been a lot going on for a large portion of us, but I feel that the group meeting will be a great benefit to us as we work towards the concert.”

Yu and club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said they both agree upon the continuation of club meetings during SRT throughout the year, as they have both said the students in the club prefer the timing much more than after school.

The club members do have the intention to continue meeting throughout the month but excluding the upcoming rehearsal, they don’t have any set dates.

Ohly-Davis said, “I’m happy with their choices, that’s one of the glories of this club. (Because) it’s student-directed, as long as they are happy and they are applying some of the musical decisions they learn in class, that’s all I can really ask for.”