Senate to continue planning Brain Game, future events


Student body president Tim Metken checks a Brain Game email during his release period. Metken said everyone in Senate must submit questions to potentially use for the Brain Game competition.

Heidi Peng

According to Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and social studies teacher, the primary obstacle with Brain Game continues to be the addition of TCP students.

Foutz said, via email, that a few new rules needed to be created in order to incorporate the TCP teams. Even so, she said Brain Game preparations have progressed smoothly otherwise.

Student body president Tim Metken said, “During games, we like to observe to see if the questions are too easy or too hard. Our first round of questions were too easy, so (we) made some harder questions.”

According to Metken, another key difficulty with Brain Game is compiling results.

“A lot of teachers either don’t tell us the results (after each competition) or they forget, so we have to track a lot of SRTs down usually. Then (we) do it all over again,” Metken said.

According to Foutz, the March Madness bracket competition is next on the agenda, along with Senate elections and the spring blood drive.

Metken said, “We’re hoping for (the spring blood drive) to be huge this year. The blood drive has been going a little downhill lately just in terms of numbers, so we’re trying to promote it a little more and try something a little different.” By Heidi Peng.