Lifelines brings speaker for the sophomore class in March


Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey discusses the plans for the next event that Lifelines will sponsor. The convocation for sophomores is planned for SRT the week before spring break and will discuss texting and driving. “We target the sophomore class because they are the ones with the new licenses usually,” said Overbey.

Avery Thorpe

Lifelines club is bringing in a speaker for the sophomore class during SRT in March to discuss texting and driving.

“The purpose of the convocation is just to encourage students especially when they get their license to stop and think about the choices they’re making because it impacts their lives and the lives of others,” said co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey.

According to Overbey, the club is holding the convocation close to spring break so it’s a good reminder for students to make good decisions. This event is sponsored by Lifelines every year.

“We basically want to promote good decisions and it’s just a good reminder,” said Hannah Cunningham, co-president of Lifelines and junior.