Guide To CHS Clubs: Unsure of which clubs to join? Here’s a categorized list of all the clubs CHS has to offer.

Grace Xu September 12, 2019

With all the clubs at our school, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find communities for you. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all the clubs without course requirements. They’re also sorted...

Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey writes down the slogans that will be up on the posters around the school. According to Overbey, The goal of the posters is to help keep students motivated to make good decisions through the school year. “We want students to think about making good choices throughout the end of the school year and summer,

Lifelines continues to spread the message of good decisions with posters

Avery Thorpe May 14, 2019

With the end of the year quickly approaching, Lifelines club still has the goal of making sure students make good decisions and stay safe through the summer. “We had our last event of the year which...

Lifelines continues to spread message of good decisions through the end of year

Lifelines continues to spread message of good decisions through the end of year

Avery Thorpe April 24, 2019

With the last month of school quickly approaching, Lifelines Club is still hoping to plan more activities for the end of the year. One of the last activities is pre-prom awareness week. "This whole year...

Co-sponsor of lifelines Rebecca Overbey discusses plans for upcoming club events. The next major event for the club is the annual Drive Now, Text Later convocation for sophomores.

Lifelines plans texting and driving convocation for sophomores

Avery Thorpe March 27, 2019

The annual pre-spring break week begins March 25 and lifelines club plans to spread their message of staying safe and making good decisions. "We put up posters and spread the message of making good choices,"...

Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey discusses the plans for the next event that Lifelines will sponsor. The convocation for sophomores is planned for SRT the week before spring break and will discuss texting and driving. “We target the sophomore class because they are the ones with the new licenses usually,

Lifelines brings speaker for the sophomore class in March

Avery Thorpe March 5, 2019

Lifelines club is bringing in a speaker for the sophomore class during SRT in March to discuss texting and driving. “The purpose of the convocation is just to encourage students especially when they...

Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey plans out when each activity will happen for pre-winter break week. Some potential activities are a trivia contest and a movie. Lifelines club has been working hard this year to get more students involved in the activities,

Lifelines club has activities planned for pre-winter break week

Avery Thorpe December 10, 2018

 On Dec. 10 pre-winter break week begins. This event is sponsored by Lifelines every year as a way to promote safety from drugs and alcohol during winter break.      “We basically want to promote...

Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey writes down plans for the annual pre-winter break week. Overbey hopes the activities planned will help students learn the importance of being drug-free.

Lifelines Club brings new ideas to pre-winter break week

Avery Thorpe November 19, 2018

Lifelines is currently brainstorming new plans for the annual pre-winter break week. "We are trying to change up what we've done in the past. We have thought about having some kind of movie night or just...

Lifelines co-sponsor Rebecca Overbey writes dates and activities for pre-prom awareness week.  This will be the last LifeLines event of the school year.

LifeLines club prepares for pre-prom awareness week

Avery Thorpe April 19, 2018

In two weeks, LifeLines will host pre-prom awareness week. "This whole year we have been trying to spread a positive message of making good choices, and I feel we have been successful", LifeLines co-sponsor...

Lifelines officers and sponsor Rebekah Overbey discuss new plans for Red Ribbon Week awareness.  The club's annual pre-spring break week is next week. It is about making good choices relating to alcohol and drugs and encouraging students to be there for their friends.

LifeLines to prepares for pre-spring break week

Avery Thorpe March 22, 2018

The LifeLines club annual pre-spring break week will take place next week from March 26 to March 29. According to co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebekah Overbey, the week is about making good choices relating...

LifeLines to bring speaker for sophomores in March

Avery Thorpe January 26, 2018

LifeLines club is planning to have many functions and fundraisers during second semester. Looking forward to March, LifeLines is planning to bring a speaker during SRT to speak to sophomores about making...

    Sitting at her desk, Overbey opens the Lifelines schedule on her computer. She and Toomey decided to have the call-out meeting for the club on Sept. 3.

Lifelines to have call-out meeting on Sept. 3

Beats September 1, 2015

According to Rebekah Overbey, sponsor of Lifelines, the club plans to have its call-out meeting on Sept. 3 in room A201. Lifelines is a club dedicated to raising awareness of and preventing dangerous...

The Junior Class listens to speaker Dawn Finbloom during SRT. Her message was to promote good decision-making and the Lifeline Law. CYNTHIA WU / PHOTO

LifeLines to carry out activities for Pre-Prom Awareness Week

Beats May 6, 2015

LifeLines is currently busy with activities for Pre-Prom Awareness Week, which is from May 4 to 8. According to sponsor Rebekah Overbey, the members will be doing a series of announcements. “We...

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