Lifelines Club brings new ideas to pre-winter break week


Co-sponsor of Lifelines Rebecca Overbey writes down plans for the annual pre-winter break week. Overbey hopes the activities planned will help students learn the importance of being drug-free.

Avery Thorpe

Lifelines is currently brainstorming new plans for the annual pre-winter break week.

“We are trying to change up what we’ve done in the past. We have thought about having some kind of movie night or just something that would encourage students to continue to make good choices over the holidays,” co-sponsor of lifelines Rebecca Overbey said.

The club hopes through the new activities planned, students will learn the importance of being drug-free.

“Hopefully in a fun way trying to get kids to stop and think about their choices. What we are hearing a lot of is that kids are still thinking that vaping is okay and it’s not. Statistics will show that if kids start out with the little stuff that they think is harmless, then they start going to even harder stuff past that. It ruins their bodies and it ruins their future opportunities,” Overbey said.

Hannah Cunningham, co-president of lifelines and junior said this week is important because of the message and hopes students look at the posters and reminders throughout the week.

“These things are just a reminder of the lifeline law,” Cunningham said.

Pre-winter break week begins Dec. 10.