Guide To CHS Clubs: Unsure of which clubs to join? Here’s a categorized list of all the clubs CHS has to offer.

Grace Xu

With all the clubs at our school, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find communities for you. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all the clubs without course requirements. They’re also sorted into categories (Community Service, Culture, Arts, Competition, Academic, Entertainment, and Athletics), so you can find which types of clubs you’re most interested in. Once you find a club that sounds interesting, simply click here and ctrl-f the club name for more information.


Community Service

A Kid Again: provide fun “adventures” for children with terminal/serious illnesses and their families so that they can be a kid again.

Best Buddies: make one-on-one friendships and create a more integrated experience for students at Carmel High School with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Carmel Community Service Club: meet twice a month to figure out what our big project should be and where to help out.

Carmel Save the Children: passionate about promoting policy changes to gain rights for the young, helping protect children from war, violence and preventable deaths, and all initiatives and programs to support children around the world.

Carmel UNICEF: aims to advocate, educate and fundraise for UNICEF USA.

CHS Amnesty International Chapter: dedicated to educating our local community about human rights issues both here and around the world.

CHS Code for Change: work on free projects for local organizations; use your programming talent to make a tangible change in our community.

Community Computer Repair Club (CCRC): work to increase digital literacy for all citizens, repair and repurpose computers, and then donate them to the community.

FCCLA: a career and technical student organization recognized nationally for the development of leadership skills, community service and promotion of the Family and Consumer sciences.

Green Action Club: spread awareness about the effects of climate change and propose ideas to help combat climate change starting in our community.

Helping Hands: a volunteer-based club that is partnered with the Ronald McDonald House of Indianapolis; participate in many events such as serving meals at Riley Children’s Hospital/Ronald McDonald House.

House of Representatives: contribute to and participate in events that make a difference in the school, community, and at Riley Hospital for Children through service, while having a fun time.

Key Club: all members are expected to volunteer 20 hours to their community.

Lifelines: work towards the prevention of drug and alcohol use and promote student leadership in our community.

Little Wish Foundation: offers volunteering opportunities that are presented by the Little Wish Foundation

National Honor Society: purpose of this organization: create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character in the students of secondary schools.

Period.: end period poverty and period stigma; raises awareness for women who can not afford menstrual products and involves volunteer opportunities.

Positive Impact: hands-on volunteerism based club focused within the community.

Project Sunshine: dedicated to helping pediatric patients and their families in hospitals through crafts and community service.

Red Cross Club: student-driven volunteer organization; organizes students to volunteer at local events (i.e. Carmel Marathon).

Seeds of Learning @ Carmel High School: fundraise for Seeds of Learning, a charity for education for underprivileged students in Pakistan.

Senate: organize activities for the school; student government.

Share the Music: a service-based club in which students perform music throughout the community, primarily in assisted living centers.

Sprinkle of Joy: bake goods together to share with local fire stations, police departments, hospital staff, school staff, etc. to spread kindness, sugar, and encouragement.

Tassel: an international organization dedicated to improving the lives of Cambodian school children through video-chat English lessons and fundraising.

United Sound: a club that pairs students with special needs with a group of students in the orchestra program; offers the opportunity of playing an instrument to the New Musicians.

Warm Hands: volunteer for and around kids; there are no requirements for hours.

World Smiles Mission: dedicated to bringing toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss to citizens across the world who do not have access to these basic materials.



A5: promotes the Advancement of Asian Americans in the Arts and Athletics.

CRU: a Christian ministries organization that seeks to create a caring environment for students to grow in their faith journeys.

Democrats: strives to foster civic engagement of high school youth; engage in discussion and campaign for candidates at local, state and national levels.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA): eat breakfast, play fun games and hear a challenge from speakers from both within and outside of Carmel High School on topics involving sports and faith.

German Club: gain further knowledge of the culture and language of German-speaking countries through a variety of events and activities.

International Food and Culture Club: an opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world while tasting a bit of food from that country as well.

Latin Club: open to all former, current and future Latin students, as well as students who are interested in ancient Roman history, culture, mythology or the Latin language.

Muslim Student Association (MSA): promotes interfaith relations and raising awareness.

Spanish Club: learn about and celebrate the culture of Spanish speaking countries through food, field trips, and fiestas; everyone is welcome.

Teens with a Choice: for those who are interested in learning about, discussing, and advocating for reproductive health and reproductive rights.

Young Republican Club: dedicated toward discussion and community awareness.



Art Club: for students who love art and want to use their talents to serve!

Best Crew: get together to learn dances to teach to kids in Indianapolis, and film educational/tutorial dance videos for them.

Electric Strings Club: play electric instruments and advertise CHS orchestra concerts.

Fiber Arts Club: get together to work on fiber arts projects and learn new techniques.

Friendship Bracelet Club: students learn how to make different bracelets and make new friends.

Jewelry Club: a time to get together and work on jewelry projects.

Just Write Club: a place for aspiring writers to come together and motivate each other in all kinds of writing (such as short stories, novels, poetry, etc.).

National Art Honor Society: a spring semester club for motivated and dedicated artists.

Photography Club: focused on improving photography skills on every level; everyone welcome.

Producer Club: dedicated to creating beats and instrumentals; collaborate with musicians and videographers to create stunning visual and musical content.

Rising Stars: a drama club that meets with the Thespians (below); provides an opportunity to socialize, learn what’s happening in the world of Theatre and plan fun activities.

Studio One-Acts: student-directed productions in which experienced theatre students choose short plays to direct and produce; auditions are held in the fall.

Swing Dance Club: students learn dance moves each meeting with gradual complexity; the group also travels to Fountain Square on Fridays to put their skills to practice.

Thespians: an honor organization that recognizes the extra-curricular productions in Theatre, Technical Theatre and Film; 10 hours of work on extra-curricular productions required for induction.

Van Gogh’s Left Ear: learn about art and art history through creative ways, including art show-and-tell, going on trips to museums and galleries, watching movies, and more.



Academic Competition Team: competes in the White River Academic League against area high schools and a variety of other academic tournaments and competitions in the Midwest.

Academic Superbowl: a theme-based academic competition; the topic for the 2019-2020 school year will be the Roaring 20s.

CHS Scrabble Club: aims to train CHS students of all ages and experiences for competitive Scrabble tournaments. (no prior experience required)

Carmel DECA: prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

Comedy Sportz High School League: an improvisational comedy organization; teams of ‘actletes’ compete against other improvisers from other schools.

CyberPatriot: designed to back CyberPatriot teams for a cybersecurity competition organized by the Air Force Association.

Debate Team: composed of debaters in several different events and prepares for different topics every few months.

Economics Club: students compete in state and national economics competitions.

Esports Club: Carmel’s official club for competitive gaming.

HOSA-Future Health Professionals: train and compete in real-life simulating health occupational events; also provides opportunities for members to volunteer at science-related events.

Mock Trial: participate in mock trial competitions against high schools in Indiana.

Model UN: teaches how to debate and resolve international, national and historical issues; conducts simulations that mirror the conferences that club members attend.

National History Day: work together to create projects to compete in the NHD in Indiana Contest; anyone interested in history is welcome.

Science Bowl: three teams of five will be competing at buzzer competitions over chemistry, biology, math, physics, and earth/space science knowledge.

Science Fair Club: trains students how to do competitive scientific research, who will work on projects in their own time (over the summer, with other organizations, etc.); the club will provide assistance and guidance.

Science Olympiad: a national competition in which teams of 15 students compete in 23 different science events; the events cover topics in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering.

Speech Team: there are many different events from drama, to creative writing, to socratic seminar, or even to just your typical public speaking; anyone can join.



Build-A-PC Club: learn about and practice building personal computers.

Carmel Debate Club: promotes advanced public speaking skills through competitive debates in Indiana and nation-wide.

Carmel Quill & Scroll: an international journalism honor society that seeks to create a foundation for student journalists to explore different facets of journalism.

Chem Club: We do fun chemistry experiments at every meeting, have volunteer and outreach opportunities at elementary schools, and run a chemistry competition for middle schoolers. (all skill levels welcome)

Club Med: Prepares students for the medical field, hosts professional guest speakers, and conducts scientific activities and dissections.

Entrepreneurship Club: where you can learn more about entrepreneurship and the process of creating start-ups.

Girls Can Code: for girls interested in learning or improving their computer science skills (all skill levels welcome) and interested in community outreach.

Linguistics Club: a place to discuss, learn about linguistics, and prepare for the NACLO exam.

Math Club: fosters a community of students around a common interest in mathematics; will have opportunities to participate in several different math competitions.

Physics Club: learn physics; members will be preparing for and hosting the Physics Brawl and Physics Olympiad in 2020.

Planetarium Club: explore using the planetarium and learning more about astronomy.

RHO Kappa National Social Studies Honor: the only nationally recognized honor society for social studies; provides social sciences related educational opportunities for the community.

Science National Honor Society: seeks to encourage scientific thought, improve the scientific engagement, and encourage student interaction with the scientific community.

Science Works: foster passion for science in younger students, and stimulate youth to pursue more complex scientific topics.

Shakespeare Club: for anyone interested in learning about, discussing, and getting to know William Shakespeare and his works; no prior knowledge required.

Stock Market Club: learn about stock trading; guest speakers will come in to talk, and we will watch different movies related to the stock market.Â

TedX Carmel High School: create and present Ted Talks at CHS.



Anime: watch anime movies and shows.

Board Game Club: meet up to play board games and have fun.

CHS Conspiracy Theory Club: a fun-loving group of students that want to question everything.

Cosplay Club: a place for cosplayers to get together in one place to discuss cosplay and help each other out.

Dungeons and Dragons Club: play dungeons and dragons.

Game Design Club: create and design games to play.

Gaming Club: club members are brought together through gaming.

Magic: the Gathering Club: non-competitive Magic: The Gathering Club; students are required to bring their own cards and accessories.

Minecraft Club: hang out and play minecraft.

Movie Club: watch a full movie at each meeting and have a brief discussion afterwards.

Watch Disney: discuss and watch Disney movies with other students each month.



Carmel Cycling: from pelotons, personal exercise goal advice, cycling seminars, and friendly competitions, it is an all-inclusive biking club.

Carmel Skate Club: a fun group where skaters can hang out, watch skate videos, or skate.

Carmel Ski Club: plan winter ski trips, watch ski videos, and talk about skiing.

CHS Intramurals: designed for students to get involved in athletic sports and activities without the time commitment of the school’s Frosh/JV/Varsity teams.

Hiking Hounds: plan for weekend hikes together.

Motorsports Club: racecar fans gather to watch and analyze the races, as well as seek to learn about the history of motorsports.

Spikeball: some say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby it’d be named Spikeball.

Ultimate Frisbee Club: meet every Friday after school to play some pickup ultimate frisbee; no experience required.