Guide To CHS Clubs: Unsure of which clubs to join? Here’s a categorized list of all the clubs CHS has to offer.

September 12, 2019

With all the clubs at our school, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find communities for you. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of all the clubs without course requirements. They’re also sorted...

Best Buddies looks forward to annual Friendship Walk

Molly Crosby, Best Buddies member and freshman, talks to her buddy during SRT. Crosby has been involved with Best Buddies since she started middle school and is excited to participate in her fourth Best Buddies Friendship Walk this year.
April 15, 2019

Best Buddies club members are currently looking forward to the annual Best Buddies Friendship Walk which will take place at the White River State Park in Indianapolis on April 28. The Friendship Walk is...

Best Buddies create video to celebrate Developmental Disability Awareness Month

Anne Schuh, Best Buddies president and senior, fills in her planner during SRT. Schuh said the Best Buddies club filmed a music video that celebrates friendship during SRT that will be played sometime in March, which is Developmental Disability Awareness Month.
March 21, 2019

As March is Developmental Disability Awareness Month, the Best Buddies Club is striving to spread awareness about developmental disabilities in general, as well as about students at CHS with developmental...

Best Buddies Club to attend Mr. Carmel on March 8, continue fundraising for annual Friendship Walk in April

Anne Schuh, Best Buddies president and senior, fills in dates in her planner during SRT. Schuh said Best Buddies will attend Mr. Carmel put on by CHS Champions Together in order to support Best Buddies members in the event as well as CHS  Champions Together.
March 1, 2019

The Best Buddies club plans to attend Mr. Carmel, an event put on by CHS Champions Together on March 8 to support Best Buddies peers involved in the event as well as CHS Champions Together. Anne Schuh,...

Best Buddies to attend Pacers Game Feb. 9, Carmel basketball game

Anne Schuh, Best Buddies president and senior, works on homework during SRT. She said she is most excited for the upcoming Pacers game that the club will be attending.
February 2, 2019

The Best Buddies club plans to attend a Pacers basketball game together as a club, which is an annual event that the club partakes, as a part of a “Best Buddies Night.” Club sponsor Dana James said...

Best Buddies to host Friendship Ball, fundraise for Friendship Walk, attend Pacers Game

Sophia Pecoraro, club officer and junior, works on homework during SRT. She said that she is excited about the upcoming events for Best Buddies this semester, especially the Indiana Pacers game that the club plans to attend
January 21, 2019

The annual Best Buddies Friendship Ball will take place on Jan. 26 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in the Freshman Cafeteria, since the CHS chapter is hosting the event this year for middle school, high school and...

Best Buddies to carol during SRT

Melissa Settle, Best Buddies Club officer and senior, chats with her friend during lunch. This year is Settle’s fourth year in the club, and she said the SRT Christmas caroling has been a well-liked event in previous years.
December 2, 2018

To celebrate the holiday season, the Best Buddies Club will be caroling during SRT on Dec. 7 as well as doing a “gift-back” with the Kendra Scott store at The Fashion Mall at Keystone. For the fundraiser,...

Best Buddies reveals details about upcoming Halloween party

Best Buddies club sponsor Christine Ellis and Halle Throgmorton, vice president and senior, discuss the Best Buddies article in the HiLite. Throgmorton, who said she loves all of the club’s events, said, “Getting to know everyone, just the whole family atmosphere, getting together, always makes my weeks and months.
November 1, 2018

The Best Buddies Club will host a Halloween party tomorrow, Oct. 31 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Main Cafeteria as their last event for October. The party will have several activities so that the Best Buddies members...

Best Buddies members compete to earn title ‘Champion of the Year’

Reilly Sickels, Best Buddies member and junior, holds hands with Sarah Cundiff, Best Buddies member and sophomore,  during an event. These events form strong bonds between peers and buddies.
October 25, 2018

This fall, Gabi Stigter, Best Buddies member and sophomore, and Christine Ellis, Best Buddies sponsor and English teacher, find themselves competing against each other as well as CEOs and state anchors...

Best Buddies Club Spotlight

October 25, 2018

Pranav Jothirajah

Best Buddies to host Halloween party, attend other clubs’ Halloween celebrations

Club officer and senior Melissa Settle works on homework during SRT. She said she’s excited to see how all the buddies will interact with each other as the year goes on, and especially to see them together at the Halloween party.
October 18, 2018

The Best Buddies club plans to host a Halloween themed party for its club members on Oct. 31 after school since the holiday falls on a school day this year. The club also plans to collectively participate...

Best Buddies to host Match Party Friday, Cool Creek Park event

Anne Schuh, Best Buddies president and senior plans a meeting during SRT. Schuh said she is most excited for the significant influx of new members to the club this year.
September 19, 2018

The Best Buddies club will host its first event of the school year this Friday, Sept. 21 during SRT where all the buddies will meet their student peers for the school year and get to know them. The club...

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