Teens with a Choice may meet March 13, host discussion


Chad Andrews, Teens with a Choice sponsor, works at his desk after school. He said the club has slowed down this semester.

Anushka Dasgupta

Teens with a Choice may host a meeting on March 13 in E111 according to president and senior Sasha Matsuki. Matsuki said via email that this will be a time for discussion.

Matsuki said, “Our upcoming plans for this coming semester are basically to focus on more discussion and we are going to try and set up a meeting with the pro-life club’s president or anybody else (who) would be (willing) to talk to us about their stance.”

In regards to the sexual education talk, Matsuki said, “We are postponing the conference as we just don’t have the time to do it right now. The seniors are busy with college and other academic things that they need to wrap up, so the timing is just not working out.”

Sponsor Chad Andrews said he noticed a similar trend. “The club has definitely slowed down this semester but they’re still working on they’re plans,” Andrews said.

Matsuki said the club has chosen new leadership for next year, as many of the current officers will graduate in May. She said, “(Sophomore) Chloe Wareham is taking on the club as president so I hope that she is successful with her endeavors and that the club will continue on after I graduate.”