Carmel Electric Ensemble to meet on March 18

Kiersten Riedford

The Carmel Electric Ensemble is to meet on March 18 during SRT.

The ensemble members are starting to regroup from an extended break, their last meeting was Feb. 22, and they have chosen a new setlist for their upcoming concert in April.

Club sponsor Elisabeth Ohly-Davis said, “It’s not officially set, but they will play in the commons before our ISSMA qualifications, so probably the week of April 20, but that’s not inset on the calendar.”

The ensemble members have taken off time to balance their personal schedules, and as they are beginning to get back into the process of playing with each other. Both Jiwon Yu, club president and junior, and Ohly-Davis said the group has been working well together since they have begun to regroup.

Yu said, “I’m very hopeful that (the members) will practice their pieces and be very understanding that if during a rehearsal someone makes a mistake that it’s just a mistake, we are here for fun after all.”