Computer Building Club talks community service


Anna Klauz

Evan Shi, club member and freshman, starts off the meeting by checking the computer he is working on for Net-Literacy. Shi starts off by plugging in the computer to make sure it is properly working.

Anna Klauz

Computer Building Club continues to produce refurbished computers for Net-Literacy with 15 active members attending club meetings every Wednesday. Ethan Welp, club president and senior, said he likes the positive edge the club gives to students who may want to give back to the community while doing something they love.

“Members can learn about any part of the building process as it interests them (hardware, software, troubleshooting, deployment) and they receive volunteer hours for their work,” said Welp.

Each club member is able to choose their area of interest and work in small groups to tackle both hardware and software issues.

“Watching all the kids come together from all grade levels to tackle these computers is awesome and an excellent way to give back to the community,” said club sponsor Stacie Fowler. No events were further noted.