Science Bowl advances their practices for Nationals

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Science Bowl advances their practices for Nationals

Riley Hamilton

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The A team placed with good results in the Regional Science Bowl competition which took place a few weeks ago. Only one team in from state advances to the National competition, and that was head sponsor Virginia Kundrat’s A team. Senior and president Kevin Liu explained that the practice system has slightly changed to prepare for Nationals. Fewer people have been invited to meetings because the team is focusing on who to seriously consider placing onto the top team.
Meetings have been taking place weekly since the beginning of the school year, after school and outside of school as well. “I think we are all very used to the rhythm of the practices by now. But they become more vigorous when you are on a more advanced team,” said Liu.
After receiving the results from Regionals, the top team has begun counting down the days for Nationals, which will be on April 25-29 in Washington D.C. To get better at the buzzer style competitions, improvements are being made to bring home a win for the A team members. “We already have the knowledge we need to know for our subjects, but at some point, it just boils down to more and more practice,” said Liu.
The teams are also preparing for next years season where new members will join and some members will advance upwards. “They have been improving every year. This team is going to be a force to compete with, they are a very strong team,” said Kundrat. “They have worked hard and put a lot of time and effort into this. I don’t see a way they can work any harder.” By Riley Hamilton
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