Academic Super Bowl to host call out meeting during the first week of September


James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor and social studies teacher, prepares for upcoming Academic Super Bowl call out meeting. Ziegler said this meeting will be during the first week of September.

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl team will host a call out meeting in Room E225 during the first week of September. At the meeting, the team will pass out the code of conduct and provide information to anyone interested in joining. The theme for this year is the Roaring 20s.

According to Academic Super Bowl co-sponsor James Ziegler, each subject team’s competition is based off of the theme.

Ziegler said, “The roaring 20s should be a pretty interesting theme. I think the team will really enjoy this one, especially the fine arts kids.”

Martin Emerson, Academic Super Bowl member and senior, said he agrees that the Roaring 20s is an exciting theme.

Emerson said, “The cool thing about Academic Super Bowl is that every year it’s a new topic. This year, I’m excited to find out what exactly we’ll be learning about within the Roaring 20s and how that will influence the literature that we will read.”