GKOM Council to meet with freshmen Oct. 24


Connor Inskeep, GKOM Council member and senior, talks to junior Robert Pugh. Inskeep said he is excited to watch GKOMs develop their relationships with freshmen.

Anushka Dasgupta

Greyhound kick-off mentors (GKOM) will meet with their freshmen on Oct. 24, according to sponsor Mike Meyer. Meyer said the focus of this connection session will be the safety message “Ask, Listen, Tell.”

Connor Inskeep, GKOM Council member and senior, said GKOM Council wants to continue its focus on creating relationships between GKOMs and their freshmen. He said, “I think further into the year, the better connections GKOMs build with their freshmen.”

For now, GKOM Council isn’t adding any new events to the GKOM schedule.

Inskeep said, “We basically have the same plans right now; we’re in between connection sessions. We just had one last Friday and that went pretty well. Basically the rest of the year we just have a lot of connection sessions.”

The GKOM Council members will be in charge of presenting “Ask, Listen, Tell” to freshmen during the next connection session.

“The GKOM Council members are going to be going around to their SRTs and presenting all the information with ‘Ask, Listen, Tell,’ which is about suicide prevention and deals with mental health,” Inskeep said. “That’s what we’re really pushing right now.” By Anushka Dasgupta