AP exam registration to begin Oct. 14


Sophomore Manasa Kesa looks over her notes for AP European History and decides whether or not to register for the exam at the end of the year. AP exam registration will begin Oct. 14 and end Oct. 27.

Viyang Hao

According to Melinda Stephan, college and careers programming and resources coordinator, AP exam registration will begin Oct. 14 and end Oct. 27. Emails will be sent out to students and parents throughout the fall semester on how to register and be prepared for the AP exam in May.

If students miss this initial deadline, late AP registration will take place from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1; a $10 late fee will accompany with the student registration, according to Stephan.

For sophomore Manasa Kesa, who took AP World History last year and registered during the spring, she said that she doesn’t like it.

“(Having to register early) doesn’t allow students to actually have time to consider whether or not they feel prepared to take the test (at the end of the year),” Kesa said. “However, I do understand because maybe (the College Board is) trying to give less stress for counselors as they have to make sure every student gets an AP test if they’re taking it.”

Although registration for AP exams is during the fall semester, AP testing will not begin until May 4 and end May 11.