All orchestras to perform on Oct. 15


Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, director of orchestras, leads students in practicing pieces during their B4 Philharmonic Orchestra. Philharmonic orchestra will perform at the second concert of the night on Oct. 15.

Tara Kandallu

On Oct. 15, members of all the orchestras will perform at Dale E. Graham Auditorium at CHS. This concert, which falls a week before it usually does, is the first orchestra concert of the year.
Elisabeth Ohly-Davis, director of orchestras, said that she is looking forward to the event.
Ohly-Davis said, “It is really exciting to see the music come together for the first time because even though orchestra is its own quote on quote institution, the combination of students is brand new at the beginning of each year.”
Hannah Na, Symphony Orchestra member and senior, said “I really like the first concert for a variety of reasons. One of the main ones is that we can really see how the music this year compares to last year. Like last year, we played a piece from Dvorak and this year we are playing another piece from him.”
Na and Ohly-Davis said they both agree that the first concert is the one where all the students are starting to get a feel for each other.
Na said, “I know almost everyone in Symphony, but that’s mainly because I’m a senior. I know that a lot of the younger students get to know each other at the concert. It’s the first time that they are really in that setting where they are seeing everyone in all the orchestra.”