Planetarium Club to host show on Oct. 24

Zainab Idrees

Planetarium Club will host a public show in the planetarium on Oct. 24. The show is called “Birth of Planet Earth”, which will focus on the formation of planets around the sun.

Keith Turner, club sponsor and astronomy teacher, said, “It’s a new show. When the Performing Arts want to put on a new show, they have to buy the rights for it, so we also have to do the same thing.”

The show will last for 30-45 minutes. If weather permits, there will be a live night sky portion, in which telescopes will be set up to view the sky and stars.

Tickets are available in the CHS bookstore, starting Oct. 14 during the school day. Prices are $2 for CHS students, senior citizens and children, and $4 for adults.

Turner said he hopes for club members to participate in the upcoming show. Planetarium Club will hold a meeting on Oct. 21 in order to practice running the star machine for the show.

Logan Tullai, junior and club president, said, “It should be fun. It’s a new show, so those are always exciting.”