Economics Club members to begin preparing for supply and demand segments of competitions

Archit Kalra

Economics Club members will begin to prepare for the Supply and Demand segments of the competition in the coming meetings, according to Aiden Ascioti, Economics Club president and senior.
“Right now, some of us are in economics classes for the first time, some of us are in our second or third economics classes,” Ascioti said. “At the moment, we’re just starting to study, starting to read through the books, and we’ll be beginning to meet up for our first testing and actual club practices shortly.”
Club Sponsor Michelle Foutz felt confident in the learning method and its progress. 
“We have a long history of doing well in this competition, we’ve won the national championship a number of times,” Foutz said. “Our goal every year is to win the state and make it to the nationals, and we were very close last year, but we didn’t quite make it.”
In regards to his views on how the season will progress, Ascioti was also optimistic.
“We have people who are self-studying, people who have done econ. several years,” he said. “Anyone can do it, it’s not too hard, and you’ve got the whole year to practice and learn things, which is more than enough time.”