Mock Trial to host tryouts throughout November

Ally Richey

Right now Mock Trial Club is hosting meetings that consist of studying the tryout case and understanding the information. Club sponsor Robert Browning said that tryouts will continue throughout early November until the official team member announcements
The case that the team is using came out the week of Oct. 20 and the teams will start to form from there, Browning hopes. 
Zoe Edwards, second-year member and junior, said, “(Mock Trial) has really helped me to see that even if I staunchly believe in an idea and I staunchly believe that I’m right. It’s really important to consider what the other side is thinking because if you miss that you can’t really understand the full situation.” 
The team meets on Mondays and will meet more as they approach competition dates.
Browning said, “Mock Trial is a really good way for students from different grades to come together and bond over one thing.”