Counselors to begin scheduling Nov. 1


Freshman Jennifer Zhao looks at her program of studies to help her choose her classes for sophomore year. Scheduling will begin Nov. 1, and freshmen will meet with counselors, individually, for scheduling mid-November.

Viyang Hao

According to Melinda Stephan, college and careers programming and resources coordinator, a video will be shown during SRT to aid freshmen and sophomores in scheduling for classes next school year on Nov. 1. In addition, students will use the counseling course in Canvas to schedule classes before meeting counselors individually. Juniors, however, will begin scheduling in early December.

For freshmen and sophomores, counselors will begin meeting meeting students individually in mid-November while counselors will meet with juniors individually in January according to Stephan.

Freshman Jennifer Zhao said that she does not like scheduling for her classes next year this early in the school year.

“It’s very stressful to pick classes because (those classes) are basically determining my future,” Zhao said. “I mean, I know my interests and what I have to do but I don’t know how to balance that for my schedule next year.”