K-8 Mentoring members begin the program by traveling out to schools to meet kids

Isabel VanZetta

The K-8 mentoring club members at CHS are beginning to travel out to the participating schools in Carmel to begin the program.

Last week on Oct. 15, according to Robin Pletcher, sponsor for 18 years, students who are a part of the club received the names and grades of the four younger students they will meet with throughout the rest of the year. The students also figured out which schools they will be traveling to throughout the year. “That was a big, exciting thing for them that they were all looking forward to, the next step in the process,” said Pletcher.

While the students are out with each of their kids, Pletcher said she will pick a school each day to check up on the students and how they are doing. During her visits, she will also check in with the counselor to make sure everything is running smoothly and that there are no concerns on their end. Although Pletcher makes these visits, she makes sure she does not interfere with the time that each member has with their kid.

Kiara Gill, a member for her second year and senior, said, “This year I’m most looking forward to the chance to impact four new kids since I’m a two-year member of the program.”