Art department prepares for National Art Honors Society induction ceremony on Jan. 30

Pranav Jothirajah

The art department will continue its work as it prepares for multiple upcoming events, including the National Art Honors Society induction ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on Jan. 30.

According to Jennifer Bubp, National Art Honors Society sponsor and art department chair, another goal of the group is to focus on service opportunities.

“We’re always trying to allow students the opportunity to learn how to be a professional artist, how to advocate for their talents and how to serve in the community. That’s kind of the point of having the National Art Honors Society. With the group, we will be able to push more community based service opportunities for the students to be apart of it,” Bubp said.

Connor Heagy, National Honors Society inductee and sophomore, said he was glad to be inducted into the club.

“I’m excited for (the induction) and I think that the (National Art Honors Society) is something really cool to be apart of. I know that we will be doing community work so I’m just glad to be apart of it,” Heagy said.

According to Bubp, the art department will also participate in the Carmel Clay Schools All-District Art Show, which will start in February. The show will take place in the Carmel Clay Public Library, where elementary, middle and high school students will display their artwork.