Academic Super Bowl to meet Feb. 6, attend three invitationals



James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor, reviews the agenda for the Feb. 6 meeting. Ziegler said the team plans to use the meeting to provide a time for individual subject teams to check in with the other teams and adjust preparation methods.

Cady Armstrong

The Academic Super Bowl team will meet on Feb. 6 in Room E212 until 4 p.m. Members should bring copies of their outlines, study guide materials and the books their subject teams require.

The team will attend a new invitational this year hosted by Hamilton Southeastern as well as the invitationals hosted by Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School and Ben Davis High School.

According to James Ziegler, Academic Super Bowl sponsor, the team will attend three invitationals due to the increase in its club size.

Ziegler said, “Hamilton Southeastern has decided that they will host an invitational this year on March 18. Because our club is larger than ever before, our captains will have to make cuts this year as we can only bring five people (per team) to the area competition in April. With that said, we want people interested (in competing) to have the opportunity to do so. Attending a third invitational will let us do this.”

According Martin Emerson, math subject team captain and senior, the Feb. 6 meeting will allow the math team members to check in on their progress and adjust their preparation methods.

Emerson said, “This meeting will allow the math team to get everyone in the same room so we can touch base with other subject teams on what they are doing to prepare. This way, we can improve our methods going forward.”