Democrats Club to encourage contact with state senators, host guest speaker


Club sponsor James Ziegler looks over assignments during passing period. According to Ziegler, Indiana-based activist Tim Bagwell will speak with the club during late February.

Michelle Lu

In the midst of the ongoing impeachment trial, the Democrats Club will begin promoting members to contact their senators to address issues such as witness hearings. According to club sponsor James Ziegler, the impeachment trial is an opportune time to get members’ voices heard.
“I know some members of the club (are aware of) the impeachment proceedings that were going on,” Ziegler said. “We’re encouraging people to call their senators just to vocalize their opinions regarding the impeachment hearings.”
Ziegler said the club has already decided what to do this month after the impeachment trials in regards to community activism.
“We do have a special event planned (on) Feb. 26,” he added. “We’ll be bringing in a guest speaker from Bloomington who is an activist…Tim Bagwell (will be) speaking with the club about political activism and different ways to try to help make a splash and put pressure on politicians and have your voice be heard.”
Kian Robinson, club vice president and senior, elaborated on the importance of starting change within a community through youth involvement.
He added, “Grassroots movements are quickly becoming the lifeblood of democratic campaigning, and youth involvement is an integral part of this shift.”