School Resource Officers (SROs) to plan for additional officer at CHS in August

Hari Patel

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS plan for the transition of having one additional SRO in August of this year, according to SRO Shane VanNatter.
“Since the referendum passed last November, we will be adding SROs in the district beginning August 2020 and there will be one additional officer here,” VanNatter said.
According to VanNatter, the additional SRO will take on similar responsibilities as the other SROs.
Jodh Pullela, a senior who said he is in favor of another SRO, said an additional SRO can potentially help take on certain SRO responsibilities.
“The SROs at CHS help out in several ways so another SRO next year can help in those areas,” Pullela said.